Room Hire Price Change

From 1st January 2015, the charges for using the rooms at the Town Hall will be changing.

The Town Hall benefits from disabled toilet facilities and ramp access to the side of the building. Kitchen facilities are available, including crockery, however, you need to bring and prepare your own refreshments.


Charges are calculated per session, a session is either morning, afternoon or evening:

Committee Room – £18.50 per session/£20 from 1/1/2015

Small Meeting Room – £18.50 per session/ £20 from 1/1/2015

Council Chamber – £29.50 per session/ £30 from 1/1/2015

Up to 31/12/2014 rooms are available free of charge to voluntary and charitable groups providing the services they offer are free.

From 1/1/2015 a nominal fee of £10 per session will be charged to voluntary and charitable groups to help cover the cost of heating, lighting & maintenance.

Please find out more here.