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The Bay of Colwyn Town Council



The Town Council came into existence in 1996, following a Local Government reorganisation, which disbanded Clwyd County Council and Colwyn Borough Council and created a new Unitary Authority, known as Conwy County Borough Council, and a new Community Council, known as the Bay of Colwyn Town Council, covering the communities of Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay (including Upper Colwyn Bay and Bryn y Maen) and Rhos-on-Sea.  It is one of approximately 730 Town and Community Councils in Wales, which are the closest tier of local government to the communities that they serve.

The majority of major local services, including Environmental, Highways, Education, Licensing, Planning and Social Services, are delivered by Conwy County Borough Council.  Please visit the County Council’s website at for further information or enquiries.

The Town Council has 24 members, who are elected every 4/5 years, with the last elections having taken place in May 2017.  The area is divided into smaller sections, known as Wards, for electoral purposes.  The six wards making up the Bay of Colwyn area are as follows:

Colwyn Ward      from Penmaenhead in the east, to Beach Road

Eirias Ward         from Beach Road, Old Colwyn to Elian Road, Colwyn Bay

Glyn Ward           from Eirias Park to Woodlands Road East, including the Glyn Estate and parts of Nant-y-Glyn

Rhiw Ward          from Woodlands Road East to Ebberston Road East, including Upper Colwyn Bay & Bryn-y-Maen

Dinarth Ward     to the south and west of Brompton Avenue/Llandudno Road

Rhos Ward          to the north and east of Brompton Avenue/ Llandudno Road

Please visit the Councillors page using the link left/above to find contact details for your local Councillors.  For information about becoming a Councillor, please contact the Town Council.

The Council currently employs four members of staff: the Town Clerk (full time), the Assistant Clerk/Mayor’s Secretary (part time), the Administrative Assistant (part time) and the Town Hall Cleaner/Caretaker (part time).  Please click to view the Council’s Pay Policy.


Council Structure:

Most of the Council’s business is conducted through a Committee Structure, with meetings of the two main Committees – General Purpose & Planning and Policy & Finance, taking place every three weeks and every six weeks, respectively.

Sub-Committees are also appointed for specific areas of work, such as Christmas Lights and Volunteer Awards.

The Full Council meets once every six weeks to consider the decisions and recommendations of the Committees.  A guest speaker is usually present at meetings of the Full Council.


Annual Return

Each year, local councils in Wales are required to complete an Annual Return, summarising their financial position at the completion of the financial year. This report and the accompanying statement of accounts are subject to internal and external audit.  Please click to view the most recent audited Annual Return for the Year Ended 31 March 2022.

Click here to view Notice of Conclusion of audit and right to inspect the annual return for the year ended 31 March 2022

The Annual Return, Corporate Plan and Annual Report can also be viewed on our Publications page.


Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan summarises the main aspirations of the Council for the current term of office and outline how we plan to achieve these.  Please click to view the 2018-2022 Corporate Plan.


Annual Report

The Council produces a written Annual Report summarising its activities during the past municipal year.  Please click to view the Annual Report 2021’22