How did the project come about?

In 2021, Together for Colwyn Bay approached the Bay of Colwyn Town Council to suggest establishing digital noticeboards for the community. This was based on feedback from community consultation that noted that communication was an issue in the town, and that there were a number of great resources, groups and facilities available to residents, but that often people did not know about them. At the same time, the town council had been engaged in workshops about the ‘Smart Towns’ initiative and was considering whether and how digital communication could assist the town’s Covid recovery.

Working in collaboration, the Bay of Colwyn Town Council, Together for Colwyn Bay and Imagine Colwyn Bay sought grant funding from Transforming Towns (a Welsh Government regeneration fund) to supplement their own contributions to the project, which saw four digital noticeboards installed across the Bay of Colwyn area.


Where are the noticeboards located?

  • Old Colwyn (on Cefn Road outside the Co-Op) 
  • Rhos-on-Sea (on the prom near the tourist information centre) 
  • Central Colwyn Bay (outside the Bayview shopping centre and by the underpass opposite the pier, to encourage footfall into town).


What sort of thing can I advertise on the noticeboards?

● Community organisations

● Community events and activities

● 3rd sector services & charities e.g. CAB, Mind, Housing Associations

● Independent local businesses

● Information from statutory bodies


Have you checked our submission checklist?

We are accepting adverts on a rolling basis – if you have one ready you can email it to us at:

[email protected] or to [email protected]

Adverts should be portrait format – in either JPG or PNG or MP4 file formats.

The screens are 1080×1920 format, so if you like you could make your advert to fill the whole screen, or alternatively, use traditional A3 or A4 ratios. You can also use moving images as the screen can handle video.

The main submission checklist is as follows:

  • Is your notice bilingual Welsh/English?
  • Is your notice legal, honest, decent and truthful?
  • Is your notice non-political, and non-religious?
  • Is your notice between 1MB and 3.5MB in size?
  • Is your notice up-to-date?
  • Do you have permission to use any picture content including from individuals pictured for their image use?
  • Does your notice relate to the Bay of Colwyn (Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn and Rhos on Sea?) (for example, you represent a community group, 3rd sector organisation, or charity providing services to the residents of the Bay of Colwyn, or are a local independent business with premises in the Bay)

What resources are available to help me translate my notice?

There are a number of FREE services available to encourage the use of the Welsh language, and below is a list of resources available to you for free to help make translation as easy as possible:

Please click here for our full Terms of Use.

A number of Colwyn branded templates have been created in CANVA which we want to encourage as many people as possible to use.

To view our full range click here: Colwyn Brand logos.